Innovation Days 2020

Among other things, we have presented the latest generation of PowerSpeed Cube machines and the world’s most modern diagonal milling head.

PowerSpeed Cube

The possibility to combine your individual requirements of a machine with a large number of quality elements have prompted us to consider a new machine concept.

Variant diversity, based on configurable travels and clamping situations, makes your PowerSpeed Cube to a tailor-made solution for your machining tasks. The main axes symbolically represent the corner of a cube, which becomes a scalable cube by the 3x3x3 combination possibilities. The Tightblock, which allows a floor level installation without a complicated step foundation, the opti-mized chip management, the complete housing of the machine and numerous integrated opti-ons complete the classic travelling column machine and take machining to a new level.

Diagonal Milling Head

Increase in productivity and optimizing of costs for the user were in the forefront of our thinking when developing the diagonal milling head. The result can not only “be seen”, but the head is also in a position to “see for itself”. Due to the integrated camera you always have an eye on the machining process. Moreover, this new diagonal milling head is all-round impressive.

Its friction-locked and form-fit positioning with a 0,01° division, the simultaneous swiveling of the A- and C-axis and a maximum torque of 1000 Nm are only a few of the many characteristics offered by this head, thus raising your production to a new level.

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