Image processing

Secure your manufacturing process through early detection of errors and increase your productivity by documenting the complex set-ups for follow-up orders.

SHW WM visual set-up control 2D monitors by camera the set-up situation of your components.

The optical "monitoring feature" allows the automatic verification and documentation of the actual set-up or of the machining result. The camera photos are evaluated with the control internal image processing. Thus errors, i. e. wrong workpiece position, wrong set-up or wrong blanks, can be identifued automatically prior to the start of the machining.

This technology supports you to optimize your manufacturing process and helps to avoid costly damages to tools, to the workpiece and to the machine.


  • Timely detection of missing clamping elements or a wrong set-up
  • Early identification of a wrong component position
  • Prevention of errors caused by wrong pre-machining or a wrong blank
  • Automatic monitoring of the selected NC-program in relation to the workpiece or the pallet

Your benefits:

  • Increase of the process reliability ("unmanned" production is possible)
  • Automated verification and documentation
  • Prevention of costly damages to tools, to the component and to the machine
  • Increased productivity by storing complex clamping situations (repeat orders)