Machine diagnostics and collision monitoring

Machine self-diagnosis by means of a match with a "finger print" - Machine protection via 3D-acceleration and vibration analysis

SHW UniSc@n monitors the condition of the mechanical machine components in terms of a conditioning monitoring. This permits a safe, predictable and condition-based maintenance.

Via the machine conditioning monitoring, which can be called up at any time, deviations with regard to the ideal state can be determined and a maintenance at the ideal time is possible.

This autonomous system offers via its continuous 3D-acceleration and vibration analysis a reliable protection of the unit. Major damages resulting from crash or vibration overload, are detected early - with reaction times of less 1 ms.


  • 3D-acceleration and vibration analysis
  • Wear detection for roller bearings, linear axes, (ball screws, guiding systems etc.)
  • Match with a stored "finger print" of the machine (ideal condition)
  • Protection against major damages caused by crash or vibration overload

Your benefits:

  • Avoidance of unplanned machine down-times
  • Optimal integration of maintenance work within the production process
  • Reduction of the effect of operating errors and unforeseeable causes
  • Increased machine availability
  • Analysis possible without complex dismantling
  • Accurate and comparable results