Workpiece measurement

Position detection of the component and measuring during machining/final inspection via optical 3D-profile sensor - the non-contact option to a touch probe.

Visual set-up control 3D, the "measuring" camera enables the non-contact measuring of your components. The optical technology allows, for example, measuring of casting contours or surfaces as well as surfaces which cannot be probed.

Furthermorse this system provides for a plausibility check of the workpieces.

The 3D- profile sensor is mounted into the spindle, similar to a touch probe.

Apart from position detection, this system can also be used for measuring the components during and after the machining.


  • Quick and safe matching of the workpiece condition
  • Measuring of "poor surfaces", i. e. casting edges, flame cutting edges etc.
  • Scanning of 3D contours
  • Optical work piece identification
  • Quick data capture of large measuring areas

Your benefits:

  • Avoiding of damages (crash) to measuring equipment at undefined contours - measuring is done contact-free
  • Quick measuring - capturing of the contours in traverse speed
  • High process reliability by automated identification and alignment of the components
  • Ideal supplement to tactile measurement
  • Possibility to scan 3D-surfaces